Local Government Institutional Capacity Building Program

Accordingly, the Ethiopian Decentralization devolves all powers to the local government with full-fledged authority to exercise their power vested to them. In this case local government refers to district level. In Oromia local government functional responsibility and institutional framework were designed and operational since 2008. The role of local government in enhancing development is very crucial. The local governments failure to properly understand their local context and unable to engage local community in the project cycle of their main concern could be also factors adversely affecting the regional state’s endeavors. Hence, the Centre works strongly towards taking the skill and knowledge to the local government through tailor made capacity building.

Strategic Level Capacity Building Program

The center will arrange forums for leaders at different levels, practitioners and academic to discuss on issues of regional and national concern base on the demand and request of the regional government, will also arrange tailor-made trainings for regional officials and administrators on demand basis. 

Tailor Made Capacity Building Program

Tailor Made Capacity Building Program

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